About this Blog

The title for this blog came out of my experience going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.  The Popsicle became a highlight of that experience, and something the readers of my e-mail updates began to anticipate.  Although much of what I’ve written here is related to cancer and treatment, my goal is to relate the universal human experience of being confronted with life-altering events.  All of us are on that journey.  I  hope the descriptions of my journey help you with yours.

7 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Lee Riggins Says:

    Very nice, Julie. Your talent in writing comes in here!

  2. Sue Rickels Says:

    Hi Julie,

    Beautiful–love the title and the photo of the popsicle even though it doesn’t look like your blueberry lemon favorite! Starting with the Easter theme is perfect. Very creative. And a wonderful way of sharing your journey with those beyond your closest friends.

    Cheers and Courage!


  3. Helena Says:

    your writing is an inspiration Julie,.
    Will need your help with ideas for my http://www.glamotherapy.com

  4. kathleen Says:

    came across your blog while looking for info neupogin side effects. my daughter’s a brain cancer survivor.

    bravo. you’re a very good writer….maybe a book is
    in your future…some essays perhaps? i noticed that this
    blog stops in april 2010, so not sure you’ll get this, but wish
    you’d continue blogging.

    wishing you continued health and happiness.


  5. lauragoodspeed@hotmail.com Says:

    Hi Julie,
    I am just finishing 12 weeks of chemotherapy for stage 2B IDC, and came across your blog while trying to find a physiological underpinning for an overwhelming craving for popsicles. Nothing much came up using my keywords, except your beautiful writing. It makes me feel less alone in my experience with surgery, chemo, colorful head wraps, neuropathy… and a shared love of hummingbirds.
    I notice that this blog ends several years ago, and I hope with all my heart that this is because you completed treatment and have moved on with your busy life.
    Health and happiness to you, always. And thank you.
    Laura G, San Francisco

    • Julie Yamamoto Says:

      Hi Laura — I’m delighted you found me, and thanks for the good wishes. I am indeed still here and blogging. If you click on the title The Popsicle Report, you should be able to find the most recent postings. I’m not writing as often as I once was, largely because of time constraints, but I intend to keep going. I did enjoy the popsicles, though they weren’t so much a craving as a treat, and a way to minimize the chance of mouth sores developing during chemo. Not the best reason for eating them, but I wasn’t going to complain!. I am glad that my blog helps you feel better. As you know, there are many of us out here dealing with the diagnosis and aftermath. Even so, the path can be lonely. I hope that your treatment and recovery go well with minimal side effects so you can continue to enjoy those popsicles and hummingbirds.

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