The Many Faces of Miss Julie


9 Responses to “The Many Faces of Miss Julie”

  1. Beverly Says:

    My, you’ve transformed so much through the past 9 months. It is good to see all of the pictures together in one place. That last one is one of the best.

    You certainly went out of your way to explore personalities that would have been harder to pull off without a scarf (although I still can’t figure out how you pulled off the emperor). And wow, you and Sigourney…


  2. Benedetta Says:

    Julie, you are just wonderful…I love to read what you write, I love the hummingbirds season coming back in reality and in your life, and I enjoy and learn from your courage and t sense of humor! Congrats to your photographer!!!!!!!

  3. Suzanne Tereski Says:

    Hi Julie. You are wonderful. I love reading your writing entries and you amaze me with your sense of humor through all of what you have gone through. The scarves and photos are amazing. You are an inspiration to others with your courage and outlook on it all. Hats off!(pun not intended). Your photographer did a great job! My fav hat is the eyelash hair blue one-gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this part of your life. You are awesome.

  4. irina Says:

    I think that Kojak is my favorite

  5. Cathi Says:

    I love the new curls! Do they make it harder or easier to style?

    • Julie Yamamoto Says:

      The curls are considerably long (and bushier) since these photos were taken. Easier to care for than before, yes. And I’m gonna stick with the gray for awhile. It gives me all sorts of new options for color in clothing.

  6. Lisa Dixon Wendt Says:

    Julie, I just cannot tell you how much the humor in your blog has brightened me today; there is a plague of cancer happening all around me and it is frightening. And, I’m taking my Dad to his oncologist appt. this afternoon…fingers crossed that last week’s PET scan is NOT bright with color.

    • Julie Yamamoto Says:

      Lisa — Thanks for your note. Yep, the humor is essential when you’re up against something like this. There seems to be a plague of cancer in general. I am astounded at how it is appearing more and more frequently in younger and younger people, especially people who “live right” as the experts tell us with regard to diet and exercise and they still end up with cancer. Frankly, I think it’s all the chemicals in our environment. My best wishes for your Dad. Pretty as those PET scans can be, color is not good.

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