Octobra and Tutus: The Pink Month Revisited

Portrait of a young girl in pink dress.

Portrait of a young girl in pink dress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s no getting away from it – it’s the Pink Month again. As they say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. This year, it’s all about fashion.

Like gloves and dancing? Here’s the sequel. You won’t dance alone.

Just don’t try to play the guitar.

The exhibitionists among us can don the Madonna look. But you will see neither me nor my cup size here.

As a former ballerina, I can fully support the Tutu Project. The man behind this brilliant idea talks about his project here. And if you’re inspired to make your own tutu, here are some instructions. Choreography not included.

Yes, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month — again.  If you must do it, just Think Before You Pink.


2 Responses to “Octobra and Tutus: The Pink Month Revisited”

  1. dropjohn Says:

    Another great idea:


    Free, user friendly, online, easy, and potentially incredibly useful. This I would appreciate. Take the survey, share it on social media – the more women participate, the more accurate the results are likely to be.

  2. Sue Rickels Says:

    And, 15,000 women in pink ran/walked in Austin marathon this week. Sorry to hear about the rats and experiment distruption. I wonder if there aren’t other mice bred this way in another lab that can keep the experiments going forward. Love the slogan–think before you pink. I know it’s over the top here with the danger of burnout as the red ribbons for AIDS did years ago. However, when I think of the people I know that are HIV positive and have been healthy for years, awareness leads to money and research. Lives have been saved. been

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