Cancer: It’s Not Just for Old Folks Anymore

First, there is Julie — breast cancer, age 48

Then, a few of the famous:

Lance Armstrong, bicyclist — testicular cancer, age 25
Melissa Etheridge, singer — breast cancer, age 43
Dan Shapiro, psychologist and author — Hodgkins’ disease, age 20
Sheryl Crow, singer — breast cancer, age 44
Audre Lorde, poet — breast cancer, age 44
Gilda Radner, comedian — ovarian cancer, age 40
Christina Applegate, actor — breast cancer, age 37
Scott Hamilton, skater — testicular cancer, age 39

And the not-so-famous:

Yvonne, a woman in a cancer workshop I attended — breast cancer, age 48
Cheryl, my roommate from graduate school — breast cancer, age 47
Kim, a friend from my online survivorship workshop — breast cancer, age 41
“Rotorhead,” another participant in that workshop — colon cancer, age 42
M____, a third participant in the workshop — bladder cancer, age 26
Janet, an acquaintance from the neighborhood — colon cancer, age 42
A colleague of my sister — breast cancer, age 26
Marta, a friend — ovarian cancer, age 47

And all those whose testimonials appear on (I’m Too Young for This!), which tells us that 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer every year (


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