Cole Porter, Take Me Away

I looked at my mileage log in the van and realized that I’ve spent part of every weekday at a doc’s office for the past 3 weeks.  (Many of you have been down a longer road, I know.)

Since there were so many lymph nodes involved (final count 12 out of 19), I’m having a couple more tests. This morning it was a CT scan of the chest and abdomen and preliminary results look good.  Tomorrow I go back to the surgeon for follow-up and I hope they can take this drainage tube out of my chest. It’s starting to really irritate me.  On Monday, it’s a bone scan.  Then I meet with the oncologist on Wed. to go over test results.

My husband is burning up the phone lines, looking into second opinions or getting other input.  Can’t think of any better partner by my side right now. Seattle has a good care center, and he’s talked to an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic.  We’ll see what develops.  Physically, I feel just fine, but am tired tonight.  The kids got out of school today and I think I’ve found someone who can help out with them and household stuff over the summer.  She made an instant friend out of the dog, which is a good indicator.
My daughter has her big piano debut this weekend. Some Cole Porter tunes. It will be good for all of us.


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