In the Beginning…

So here’s where we are today, June 4, 2009, the beginning of my own personal Odyssey:

The MRI yesterday showed that the lesion in my left breast is about 1 cm, smaller than I was expecting given the size of what I felt after a shower a just before Memorial Day. It “lights up” on the images, which indicates malignancy.  The docs noticed another area on the left that didn’t light up but that they wanted to check out, along with checking the right side.

So today I had another ultrasound of both sides.  The second spot on the left is smaller and they don’t think it’s a problem but want to be sure, so I have a biopsy for that tomorrow. (The ultrasounds are quite comfortable — the biopsy, well, that’s another critter altogether.)  Everything on the right side looks OK. We’ll probably have the results of that biopsy on Monday.  And I’ll talk with an oncologist early next week to get his input.

The malignant lump needs to come out, so I anticipate some sort of surgery mid to late next week.  If the second spot is benign, we can do a lumpectomy and they’ll check the sentinel lymph node.  If the other spot needs to come out too, the surgery will be more extensive.  For a lumpectomy, it’s “same day service.”  For something more extensive, it’s an overnight stay.

More to come as the drama unfolds….


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